Friday, August 29, 2014

We is Stoopid......

What could possibly be worse than having a 10 week old 27 pound puppy?

Puppy-sitting his brother.

They's cute when they are asleep. However when awake they are a pair of bulldozers, fighting over the same toy most of the time. Very entertaining but our nerves are a bit stretched. Kisses are an abundant resource though, as if they were in short supply before.

I saved a newspaper for swats when they pee on the floor, it got shredded all over the kitchen before I could even use it.

When they get out of hand the Brat Terrible charges in, growling and snapping and they straighten right up.  She's 10 pounds lighter and a lot smaller but she doesn't let that slow her down.

KayLeeBob stays out of it and only gets snarly when they get to close. I don't think anything bothers that dog.

Never again,, till the next time.........


  1. It might be too late for this to work, but when I trained Beau I would watch him outside and the exact second he'd start peeing, I'd happily say "PEE PEE PEE PEE" until he stopped. Now, all I have to do when we're outside is say "PEE" and he does. And NEVER in the house. Although I feel bad for him when I'm late getting home. Poor boy would rather pop than pee indoors.

  2. Since I took the loaner puppy back to his Mom today Jayne has started whining and jumping at the door when he has to go and has had no accidents since.

    I wonder if he's got in his head that I was serious about selling him to the circus since his brother disappeared.

    I do miss the other pup but the peace and quiet is most welcome.