Wednesday, August 6, 2014

And the Adventure Begins!

Today was the day to bring home Jayne!

Couple a snarly's with the girls but nothing major. Boundaries need to be set and all that.

2 months old, just under 20 pounds. Already the biggest dog in the house. Biggest klutz as well. Good thing he's got small ears or he'd be tripping on those.

He has a problem holding his licker, kisses are sloppy and abundant.

Compare that pic with this one from 3 weeks ago,

I think he's gonna be a big dog.

Handsome feller even with his ear inside out.

Potty training has begun and he works pretty good on a leash especially since this afternoon was the first time with a collar and a leash. Everything is new for him leashes, walks, free run of the house while we are awake, crate training will start this evening.
Wish us luck!
Oh yeah,, obligatory hat pic....


  1. Anyone who loves dogs has my full attention.

  2. Thanks! sometimes I think they are more trouble than they are worth then they'll do something stupid or cute and I forget all about it.