Saturday, August 31, 2013


Ok so my 2 cents on Erin,,

It is a brave thing she has done given the intolerance for those that don't fit the mold.

I see no reason for the mold.

You are what you are and trying to change yourself to fit someone else's ideas is a sure fire way to end up hurt or heartbroken.

(Erin if I fuck up and call you Dude, Sorry. I call my Wife and Daughter dude sometimes and they don't hate me. Yet.)

Well this oughta be fun,,,

Well, since I'm new at this I'll start be seeing if I can figure out how this thing works.

Lets start with a picture,,

Groovy! That's our 63 Studebaker Lark parked in front of Aluminum Overcast, a B17 bomber that is spending the weekend at the airport where my shop is located.

More on this a little later.


Now what,, oh yeah fill up those sideboards.