Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Be Careful Out There.

One of my car club Brothers and his passenger were involved in a serious wreck Saturday evening in his 33 Ford pickup.

Hit head on rolling thru an intersection, both will be ok(ish). Passenger has a broken ankle and severe cuts on her head, driver has broken ankle, both femurs broken and a bunch of cuts and bruises.

Scott seems to be in decent spirits, laughing when I said "no offense Dude but it looks like got hit by a truck." He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to repair his legs and is in for a long winding road getting back on his feet.

Both are lucky to be alive.

Really drives home the delicate balance we have when driving these cars, the rewards seem much greater but the risks are too.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Volunteered to be in a Traffic Jam.

I was asked to chauffeur the outgoing Little Miss, Little Mister and Jr. Miss in my hometown's 175th birthday parade. http://www.burgoo.org/default.html Mom has pix of us during the parade and I'll post em when I get the email.

I spent a couple days cleaning/rubbing/buffing the car to get it ready and naturally it rained the day before but with all the fresh wax on it cleanup was quick and painless. (Wire wheels suck to clean BTW)
I was a bit apprehensive as that's a bit of a torture session for the car but the Buick never missed a beat and I had a blast doing it. It was a bit chilly but a blanket seemed to keep the kids happy.
Parade lasted just under an hour and when we completed the loop back to the start point the last group in the parade were just getting started. Not bad for a town with around 400 residents.
As for the musical start for the week, only one song comes to mind.


Friday, August 29, 2014

We is Stoopid......

What could possibly be worse than having a 10 week old 27 pound puppy?

Puppy-sitting his brother.

They's cute when they are asleep. However when awake they are a pair of bulldozers, fighting over the same toy most of the time. Very entertaining but our nerves are a bit stretched. Kisses are an abundant resource though, as if they were in short supply before.

I saved a newspaper for swats when they pee on the floor, it got shredded all over the kitchen before I could even use it.

When they get out of hand the Brat Terrible charges in, growling and snapping and they straighten right up.  She's 10 pounds lighter and a lot smaller but she doesn't let that slow her down.

KayLeeBob stays out of it and only gets snarly when they get to close. I don't think anything bothers that dog.

Never again,, till the next time.........

Monday, August 25, 2014

Long Road Trip.

Not a big Eagles fan but since we drove thru Winslow AZ a few days ago I figured it was a good fit.

More on the road trip in a day or two.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

21 Years Ago,

I became one of the luckiest guys on the planet when Da Good Squaw married me.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday but then I get up and move around the snap, crackle and pop of worn joints and ligaments remind me it was a long time ago.

We've had our up and downs but are still standing together and smiling.

The Honeymoon song:

That song was a hit around the time we got hitched and on the drive during our Honeymoon that song was all over the radio stations. It seemed like it would get played on a station, soon after we would have to change stations it would be played on the new station, lather/rinse/repeat for the entire weekend.

But I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

Yep I think I've accomplished that chorus. Happy she feels the same for me.