Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Civic Duty

Wow, shouldn't we be voting for people we feel represent our wants and needs instead of voting for this person simply because we don't want the other guy to win?

Here the front runners for the Governorship are both unacceptable to me, one is a liar and gun grabber while the other is friends with Satan. Well maybe that's a bit harsh, Tiny Dancer may not be Satan but I'm sure he's shook hands with him a couple times.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday,, Dammit.

Sorta forgot about this thing for a couple weeks, never fear I'm still here.

2 horrendously awful projects that don't want to end. One of em fresh from the body shop where they did a pretty good job on the paint and bodywork but when they found the rusty floor/rocker/subframe they just covered it with seam sealer on both sides.

Knew it had a problem and shot a price, then started cutting things out and realized "this aint good" and "that's not any better" and lastly "you have got to be shitting me" which came about when the floor brace/subframe broke and fell off after cutting the floor pan loose.

Seam sealer and Ziebart rust proofing has made welding any and all patches in this thing a nightmare as there is only so much you can do to get the surfaces clean. Some places you can't clean at all.

 When you hit a spot that isn't clean the first thing that happens is the weld goes to hell and that is quickly followed by any all kinds of wonderfulness, including balls of fire, clouds of breath taking smoke, boiling hot stuff dripping onto the gloves/helmet/legs/ears or whatever exposed skin it can find. Its really great when you get the trifecta, making you want to scream obscenities and throw shit.

I did mention that the place I am doing this in is right across from a funeral parlor that's had a busy week?

Fairly sure the last thing you want to hear while mourning for Aunt Bertha is me launching into a high pitched tirade questioning the heritage and manhood of German engineers while kicking a smoking glove out the door and trying to pee on my shoe before the fire gets my toes.

2 day project going on 5. Whoopeee.

How's about some Cake to start the week?

"I'm not catching on fire today" a motto we should all try and live by.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Off to the Dentist. joy.....

Had a root canal 2 weeks ago, got fitted for a crown last week, a cleaning this morning and next week I get the crown. Spendy when I have nothing to spend.

Could use some Morphine.

(takes a minute to get rolling but its well worth the listen.)

Who knows, maybe this afternoon I'll set myself on fire.

Monday, September 29, 2014

In Honor of Angus.

Read that Angus Young of AC/DC has retired due to a long term illness and will be replaced by his nephew. Sad deal and I wish them all the best.

When I read the story it reminded me of something my Aunt Vicki used to say, "You know the world is going to hell when AC/DC is now easy listening".

I picked something from way back since I much prefer Bon Scott as the front man.

To young to have seen that lineup live unfortunately but I did see the live twice, both times were out of this world.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day Late but here it is.

Long weekend of car show and cruising goodness, one of the last for the year. This is the big deal car show in Jacksonville and its always a good time.

While cruising my wife sees this little white car and remarks "I really like that little car, its cute!"

I told her that was the MGA that I did all the metal work on, and that I was NOT doing another one so she better find another mechanic.
It did turn out spectacular though (if your into sado-masochism and or British cars.)

Got to hang out with some of my older friends and their junkers,,,
Dickie's 51 Ford above and Ferrel's 51 Merc below. I think they are convertibles but they never put the tops down. Shameful.

Obligatory Buick pic,
and a better pic from the parade,

It rained between the car show and the cruise so a lot of the trailer queens went home and it wasn't as crowded as usual but I still had fun, wife came along and she invited a few of the other volunteers from PAWS. You put 5 adults in the Buick and it gets real low, we made sparks a couple times.
Seems the only song that fits is kinda obvious
All in all a good weekend!
Oh and some fresh pix of Jayne, Hero of Canton,,,

Just over 3 months old,  37 pounds, 20" tall at the shoulder and 30" nose to the base of the tail.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Be Careful Out There.

One of my car club Brothers and his passenger were involved in a serious wreck Saturday evening in his 33 Ford pickup.

Hit head on rolling thru an intersection, both will be ok(ish). Passenger has a broken ankle and severe cuts on her head, driver has broken ankle, both femurs broken and a bunch of cuts and bruises.

Scott seems to be in decent spirits, laughing when I said "no offense Dude but it looks like got hit by a truck." He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to repair his legs and is in for a long winding road getting back on his feet.

Both are lucky to be alive.

Really drives home the delicate balance we have when driving these cars, the rewards seem much greater but the risks are too.