Monday, September 8, 2014

Volunteered to be in a Traffic Jam.

I was asked to chauffeur the outgoing Little Miss, Little Mister and Jr. Miss in my hometown's 175th birthday parade. Mom has pix of us during the parade and I'll post em when I get the email.

I spent a couple days cleaning/rubbing/buffing the car to get it ready and naturally it rained the day before but with all the fresh wax on it cleanup was quick and painless. (Wire wheels suck to clean BTW)
I was a bit apprehensive as that's a bit of a torture session for the car but the Buick never missed a beat and I had a blast doing it. It was a bit chilly but a blanket seemed to keep the kids happy.
Parade lasted just under an hour and when we completed the loop back to the start point the last group in the parade were just getting started. Not bad for a town with around 400 residents.
As for the musical start for the week, only one song comes to mind.


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