Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Be Careful Out There.

One of my car club Brothers and his passenger were involved in a serious wreck Saturday evening in his 33 Ford pickup.

Hit head on rolling thru an intersection, both will be ok(ish). Passenger has a broken ankle and severe cuts on her head, driver has broken ankle, both femurs broken and a bunch of cuts and bruises.

Scott seems to be in decent spirits, laughing when I said "no offense Dude but it looks like got hit by a truck." He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to repair his legs and is in for a long winding road getting back on his feet.

Both are lucky to be alive.

Really drives home the delicate balance we have when driving these cars, the rewards seem much greater but the risks are too.


  1. That's a calamity, but cars are replaceable. I hope your friends make it through the healing process in good shape.

  2. Glad they survived. Cars are replaceable, people aren't...

  3. We are leaning on him pretty hard to fix the truck, he thinks he has most of the parts to replace the bent stuff and I've offered to go help get the cab squared up.

    probably not worth the effort but I think he owes the truck the benefit of the doubt since it either saved his ass or didn't kill him depending on how you look at it.