Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hectic Part 2!

Ok so the weekend was a blast!

Went north to Insanelandia, located in Crook County, to a Shindig, helped some good Folks raise 92500 pounds of pennies (ish) for some other good people.

I was there making panels for the artists to ply their trade upon. I made 14 or so but was to busy to get any pix. Da Mom may have some and I'll get her to email me a few and update this when I get em.

So anyway,, there were cars or something there,,

That's all I got of the cars, sorry to say not all that interested in what others do to the rides, keeps me free of undo influences. I don't read car mags or watch any of the Hot Rod type TV shows either.
Not much into bikes either but this one was parked like a foot and a half from my workstation (you can see my stuff in the background of the first pic) and it was hard to ignore.

This pic tells the story, man what a find!

While I was making up a panel I heard the Evil StepDad conversing with someone while they were watching me do my thing and when I looked over he introduced me to this Fella,, (here too). He's a big inspiration to me as he is still working, giving classes and chopping cars during shows.

In a sense giving back information he has so that the following generations can learn both the history and the techniques of the trade. Something I try to do as well.

He was really admiring the panel I had made so at the end of the show I took it over and presented it to him.

Inflated my ego when he complimented me and the panel so I could think of no better thing to do with it.
One of the airbrush guys from the Brushmasters blew some candy on it and really made it pop.
All in all a great weekend and for a great cause, will be going and doing it again next year!


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