Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Shooty Goodness of the Year!!

We had some fine weather on Friday and a bunch of us decided that it was to good a day to work, so we did what most responsible adults would do... Say Fuckitol and go shoot something!

Pop's ultra seekrit shooty spot was still a bit damp so we had to stay on the gravel or risk sinking up to our knees so mostly short range stuff but we were turning money into smoke and noise, that's all that mattered. (Mr Yellow got one tire off the drive on the way out and got stuck.)

Da Good Squaw finally got to put some rounds thru her new 1911, she looked real good packing that on her hip!!

Still need to work on her form a bit and get her past that flinch that haunts her. She's getting better though.

 Gun did ok after a bit of a teething issue, after 30 rounds or so it locked up so tight that I had to nose it into the table and lean on it with both hands to move the slide. A bit of heavier lube and it worked smurfectly for the rest of the day. The point of aim is a bit low but we'll be putting a better set of sights on it and can adjust that out.
I'm not much of a 1911 fan myself but I do like hers, and those custom grips I made have a really nice feel and don't chew up your hands so I will be making similar ones for sale.
I put a hundred rounds or so thru my SR9C, love that little gun!

Then we broke out the "Rabbi". Gave Da Brat a bit of coaching and she seemed to like the bullpup!

Then we turned it over to her boyfriend and he liked it a bunch too.

Mr. Yellow was there with his SKS,,

and so was his son,, Mr. Green, fresh from a deployment in Afghanistan,

About this time Pops started draggin out relics for us to play with, Ruger US Old Army Blackpowder,

"when the smoke clears I'll tell you if I hit anything...."
 Then a 30-30 lever gun,,

"be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting a little green chunk of steel"
In case your wondering,, 30-30 drills really nice holes in 1/4" steel pistol targets...
It was a wonderful day all the way around, giggles were had and we didn't hit the propane tank. A decent  pile of brass to show for it.
We will be doing this a lot more as soon as the weather gets better and stays that way!
Stay tuned more misadventures to come!

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