Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lets make a MGA from scratch, or not......

Current project is a 58 MGA that looks like it was left on a shotgun range since it was new.

It was also rear ended at some point and shoved into whatever was in front of it.

Every panel on this thing needs a patch and straightened.

The customer has supplied some new patches which don't fit and a few cutoffs from another car that are only half as rusty and fucked up as the ones already on the car.

Left inner fender,

Right inner fender,

Both of which needed this patch and another along the bottom edge,

Here's some the crash damage and the replacement panel that don't fit,,

I had to cut and shrink up a new lip for the front as the one on there is off by enough that it would never fit.

The black line is the cut line for the lip, 1" back from where the lip is supposed to be. The cat is just there to make sure the panel doesn't float away. The other feline is a backup in case the other one fails.

And the finished patch, a bit more tuning and it'll be fine,,

Lots more to go as this thing is rusty from one end to other. Woohooo!
Oh yeah, those pretty primered fenders were just as screwed up as the rest of it but I already waved the magic hammer over them and issued the proper profanity stream to make them whole again.
For you spades players,,, how would you bid this hand????

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