Sunday, October 20, 2013

It went BANG!!!!!!

Today was the day some of us snuck off to Pops Ultra Sekrit Range and turned money into smoke and noise.

There were a few guns there,

 I shot the .22 for the first time in nearly 30 years and was very happy with it!

took a bit to get it right but I think it will be fine,

This was at roughly 75 yards or so,,
Mr. Pink shooting the Tavor above and his 45 below,
("Why I gotta be Mr. Pink??")



Mr. Yellow shooting his Commie Rat Bastard SKS,

and Pop's/Granpop's 357 magnum security 6, now claimed by Pop's much younger Girlfriend.

Mr. Pink shooting the Hebrew Hammer again, kinda natural as he's Jewish. He eats bacon though so he's not all that bad...........

Mr. Yellow shot the Tavor 3 times, gets up and says that's enough of that shit. Asked him why, he says I'm falling in love and my wife would shit if I bought that. No pix though he didn't stay down long enough for it.

He did bring his scoped .22 for a little practice though,

Some jerk shot my tumbling pistol target with his AR,,,

Blew a couple holes in it. I say he's a jerk cause he beat me to it. Call it karmic revenge for me blowing a hole in Pop's spinner. The big dings are from a 44 mag, there are a couple hits from the 357 and couple more from a 45. Its been hit over 1000 times with 9mm and seems to hold up pretty good. All in all that things been shot almost 1500 times.
We finished the day with my 20 gauge single shot, named Sucker Punch.

Harrington & Richardson Topper model. If you got any kids/grandkids you don't like much, this is the gun to get them. Looks innocent enough but it kicks like a mule and will leave a bruise after a few rounds.
We got the yard picked up and after the others left I put a bunch more rounds thru my Lil Friend and got reacquainted with her. Very happy with the end product and as I was packing to leave Pops says "I'm over run with squirrels" so soon I'll be taking a few tree rats out of his way and trying a couple new recipes. If they are worthy I'll post them up here with a full review.
Now all I gotta do is clean several guns and reload some mags. Oh well its always worth it after a day like today. Friends Family and Firearms will always make you smile.



  1. Lora's reaction "Much younger girlfriend?!!" Son, you got some 'splainin' to do...

  2. Hey, your the one robbing the cradle not me..........