Saturday, February 13, 2016

Medicine Storage, a Cautionary Tale.

This happened a while back so I have rectified the situation.

If you wake up at eeerrr-mmaaah-gaaaah-thirty with an acid reflux attack (I'm gonna puke or my heads gonna pop off) and you stumble blindly into the kitchen to find the Tums (or a hammer to smash a toe to get your mind off it) it pays to be aware that the dogs aspirin/joint meds are right next to the Tums and is in a similarly shaped/sized bottle.

In retrospect turning on the light and visually checking would have been far more genius than I was capable of at the time.

I can tell you that attempt at meat flavoring in the dog meds was far from accurate. I already had the first one gulped down and the second one in my mouth before the taste hit my brain.

It did cure the problem though as I ended up projectile vomiting which dropped the pressure on my valves enough to make the Tums unneeded. Your results may vary......

And for your auditory mastication,,,,,

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