Saturday, January 30, 2016


Its been a year since Pop's moved on and its been rough but we are doing ok. Still get the urge to call him at least once a week.

We still don't have a tombstone, he wanted a dark stone which had to come from China. I think they shipped it on a rowboat. The stone is in Georgia getting shaped and polished and will be awesome when it gets here. Since we are putting him and my stepmom in the tombstone we haven't had the gravesite rights yet so I have him on a shelf with me at the shop, he hasn't complained to much about it so I guess he's ok with it.

I went to see the hospital Chaplain on the anniversary and I did fine until I got on the elevator and that's when things got a bit overwhelming. I'm not a religious person but she was a big help and I wanted her to know that.

So many regrets and second guesses as to what we should have done but I try not to dwell on those and think about the better times.

 Miss ya everyday Dad.

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