Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rumor has it......

That we may be getting a new puppy. Course I started the rumor.

Our Newfie "Bear" is not doing well and we are going to have to put him down soon. His hips are giving out and he's gotten old on us. He has been a great dog although he wasn't a great puppy, somewhat destructive.

Wife made the mistake of telling me that they have a blue Mastiff female with 1 week old puppehs at PAWS.

That probably wasn't the smartest move she's made as I like Mastiffs and I really like blue dogs. Just so happens that there are 2 blue boys in the litter. I do believe that on my trip thru town tomorrow I may just have to stop in and take a look.

His name will be "Jayne" after the hero of Canton.

Love our little doggies, they make great alarms but I also want a bigger dog in the house to help back them up if they needs it. Pretty sure they don't come in a much bigger package.

Temperament and such should be perfect for our home and we will be making sure he's properly socialized.

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