Friday, May 9, 2014

Look of Concern.

So the Brat has moved back in with us while her Fiancé is out west setting up housekeeping and preparing for her to move out with him in August.

She brought with her 2 cats a hamster and her dog Zena. As you know we have 2 little dogs already so walking the pups has gotten a bit more complicated. All three are girls.

You really need 3 hands to efficiently pull of this feat, Little dogs on leashes can quickly become UFO's on strings if the mood strikes them.

To make the job a little easier we made a contraption, 2 retractable leashes, one with a pair of 6' leashes attached to the end.

Tia the brat terrible is heavier than the other 2 dogs put together and do to her much more athletic persona she is a lot stronger so she goes on the single leash and KayleeBob and Zena go on the double.

It took a bit for them the figure out how to work together on the double and as a result of this learning curve I got to see first hand what a true look of concern is when it comes to dogs.

Those of you with multiple dogs know that when one dog pees somewhere the others will have to at least attempt to squeeze out a few more drops to add to the puddle. This can lead to some rather comical results, sometimes one dog can't wait till the other is finished and will either just pee on the dog peeing on the ground, or backup butt to butt and go in the same spot.

I took the dogs out the other day and KayleeBob had already done the first job and was looking for the perfect spot to do the other job while Zena was watching Tia trying to find her spot.

KayleeBob finds her spot and gets in the "concentration" position and begins to let nature take its course when Zena spots Tia dong her job. Tia on the single lead is 25' or so away and by golly Zena is going to add to her puddle and takes off like a bat out of hell to get there.

Poor KayleeBob is fully locked up, flaps are down, landing gear deployed and the arrestor hook is attempting to arrest when Zena hit the end of the slack and drags the helpless one on the other end of the lead across the yard at full steam.

KayleeBob never changed position even ass her back legs came off the ground and her front legs stayed lockout out while she began to realize something has gone very very wrong.

As she whizzed  by me at half ludicrous speed, out of control and helpless she slowly turned her head toward me.

That's when I learned what a true look of concern really was.

I swear I felt sorry for her for a split second before I busted out laughing.

Now when one or the other attempting to do a job I step on the splitter between the leads so that won't happen again. Most of the time anyway, I keep waiting for KayleeBob to exact revenge.

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  1. You haven't lived until two German Shepherds on two leashes decide to run in circles around you faster than you can pivot and unwrap yourself.