Thursday, February 6, 2014


So the new doggie is a perfect fit for us, very laid back and undemanding unlike the Brat Terrible, Tia.

We think she's around 18 months old, and according to the vet she may have been thru some rough times before we got her. She's had a litter of pups and has been fixed since, she also has a broken tooth. She pretty much ignores the cats and seems to have no desire to harass or terrorize them.

"I'z being as cute as I can take the picture already"
Her left ear has some structural integrity issues and will flop over when she's on alert while the other one stands straight up.

She has barked 3 times since we brought her home, Tia is good for 3 barks a second sometimes, depending on what I have done to piss her off. Yes she barks a lot but I ask not for whom she barks, most of the time its for me and I usually deserve it.

"throw the damn ball,, I can bark all night and you know it,
just throw the ball"

So now when I get home both dogs want/need to be in my lap for some kissing and petting,,

While I enjoy it after they calm down and get comfy the "Step on Daddy's nuts and when he groans stick your tongue down his throat" part really sux....

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  1. My dogs also try to French kiss me. I dunno why. I guess it's a dog thing?