Friday, January 3, 2014

Product Review! UTG 34" Alpha Battle Carrier.

Should have called this "The bag full of leave that guy alone."

One of the problems with the Tavor rifle is finding a decent soft case that will hold it. While they are short on length they are fairly tall at the mid-section, with the optic, mine is just under 12". They are also fairly thick, with the gooberlight opposite the charging handle its almost 5" thick.

After trying a few regular gun cases and a warning from Aaron that his case wouldn't fit with my Vortec Anti-stupid Device I found this at a local Scheel's:

Its a UTG 34" ABC sling pack. It holds the Tavor perfectly and doesn't look like a gun bag so the sheeples wont be alarmed when I pack the car.
So obviously the next thing to do was to stuff it full to the point of not closing and see what it will hold. Well lets just say I'm impressed, I stuffed nearly 40 pounds of gear in it without popping a zipper.
Small pocket on the bottom will hold 3 mags and a destruction manual (not pictured)
Middle pocket holds 8 mags and a cleaning kit
Top pocket will hold a 1911 in the holster that comes with the bag and a spare mag as well as a Ruger SR9C with a spare mag. I have a holster that will work in the bag for the Ruger but I need to sew on a Velcro patch to make it stickify.

Inside, it holds a Tavor and an AR fully collapsed with room to spare for more goodies once I get some more straps installed.

Very happy with the bag although the single strap for carrying isn't the greatest. It really needs regular backpack straps. Of course if I didn't stuff it to the gills it would be fine.
 Other than that I'm happy with it in every way and I will keep you posted on how long it takes me to blow out a zipper or my back which ever comes first.


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  1. Very nice. Looks like it's the one bag to ensure you're prepared for anything.