Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gunnie Get Together.

A friend and I are attempting to get an informal gun group together.

We are planning to have monthly meetings so that we can hash out both the politics and the logistics of being a 2nd amendment supporter.

 There will also be a Gun O' the Month/Gun Tech O' the Month as well. The "Rabbi" will be the first GOM.

The first meeting is on Thursday the 9th at Bogies in Jacksonville, 6 pm.

Eventually we would like to have some range time as a group in addition to the monthly meet as well as airsoft training for the kids while the adults deal with the boring stuff.

Wish us luck!


  1. Every time I see Jacksonville I get all excited because I think "Hey, I can drive there in a couple hours!" and then I get sad when I realize you're probably not talking about Jacksonville, FL...

  2. More and more I wish it was Jacksonville Fla.....

  3. I DO miss Jacksonville, FL., and St. Augustine. And Cocoa Beach. And Cindee who lived on a boat in Cocoa Beach. (Sigh...)