Sunday, September 22, 2013

Anyone got any luck I can beg/borrow/steal or buy??

Just finished freshening up the motor in the wife's 64 Buick, dropped it in and got it running, 75 psi of oil pressure while pre-oiling it.

Got everything lined up and took it for a test run, got a half a mile from the shop and heard something grinding and looked over no oil pressure.

Slowed down and once I got it back down around idle the grinding stopped and oil pressure came back.

Pulled it back into the shop and yanked the distributor which in addition to being a key component of the ignition also drives the oil pump. Set the pre-oiler back in and spin it 75 psi.

I happened to glance at the drive pin on the bottom of the dizzy,,,

noticed a funny wear pattern on it, so I took the oil pump apart and this is what I see,,

It turns out that the pump drive and the pump shaft were just barely engaging and once things got warmed up they didn't engage at all. The darker circle is where the drive pin was spinning on the pump shaft.

Looking at where the gear is pressed on to the shaft,,

I pressed it out a bit and tack welded in in place,,

and then re-installed it and hoped for the best....
But with the way my luck runs it was too late, damage done. Cam is wiped out and its got a knock in the bottom end.
I did mention this was a fresh engine? In less than 5 minutes its now a core that needs another overhaul.  I should also mention that after working on customer stuff all week I stayed late every night and was there till 2 am on Friday and was back at it 10 am on Saturday in order to get it running for our last big event. Woooohoooooooooo.......
I've been a "pro" at this for 25 years or so and this is the first time I've ever seen this particular problem. 
Well at least I know what to ask for when Christmas comes..... 



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