Friday, January 27, 2017

Hihg Skewl Teachor Iz What I Are.....

In an interesting turn of events, I am now the Welding/Metals teacher at the local high school.

Its a job I wanted last year when they hired the guy that quit. Good pay, great benefits and I can still work at the shop part time.

The kids seem like they are going to be alright and as long as we don't set one another on fire it should work out just fine.

Can't wait to get started.

Will be preaching the safety thing hardcore,,,,,  like this:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Laughed So Hard I Think I Broke Something,

Stay for the end, I promise its worth it, unless your the guy in the suit.

Not Good for the Bear.

I feel for the Guy but that was comedy gold.

Monday, January 2, 2017

I Must Have Needed Help.

This was taken a few weeks back,

Jayne helping me take a nap, He's such a tiny thing....

Sometimes he joins in with the other two and they all help,

Here they are helping with the Grandbrat,

He is totally infatuated with her and while being an over-excited douchebag at times, he is surprisingly gentle with her. In fact he doesn't even kiss her, he licks the air just in front of her face.

I think once she gets up and running they are going to destroy the house. Might be fun to watch.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Doing What I Can. Fire Sucks.

That's THE Lawson's from McDonald v Chicago, Strong Second Amendment people who have done a lot for our rights here in Ill-annoyed and beyond.

Donate if you can, I did.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Regional Coordinator.

I am a member of GSL, and on the steering committee for our local meets in Springfield.

At the meet last night I got promoted, our fearless leader had to step down and since nobody else steeped up, I am now the Regional Coordinator for the Sangamon County GSL.

Me, the Grand Poobah. Yikes........

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stupidity in Small Groups.

Take a group of normal or above intelligence folks, add Jeeps and an off road park, instant stupidity.

I was invited to a birthday bash for one of my fake internet friends at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica IN. They were there for the weekend and I could only go for one day, I picked Sunday.

Got up at FuckThis0:30 in the morning and made the 3 (ish) hour drive over with the Short Bus on the trailer and apparently go there a bit early.

It seems that the folks I was supposed to me up with got a bit smashed the night before, possibly more than a bit. So they weren't up, moving or answering the phone when I got there. Which was awesome as I have never been to this place and know exactly 1 person there, my Uncle ED, who drove over to ride along for a bit. He's been Jeepin with me once and he's never been here either.

We get the Jeep off the trailer and get it setup for the trails and take off following a couple strangers down the way. After a bit they stopped and I explained the situation and told them I wasn't stalking them.

They said it was no problem and headed into spots that were a bit tighter than I like and I was beginning to wonder if they were wanting to watch me rip the top of my Jeep to shreds.

After about an hour my fake internet friends finally returned my txt's and we met up. They were a bit slow moving and were fixing a driveshaft from the night before. We made proper introductions and started becoming meatspace friends. I was still not sure what kind of trouble I was in though. They looked like normal folks but we all know looks can be deceiving.

Ed ended up having to leave about this time so I ran him back to his truck, boy did he miss a good time. I bet those artificial body parts of his would have needed a lube job by the end of the day.

So we get the driveshaft repaired and head into the park, my Jeep, a purple TJ and a rattle can black Cherokar. The TJ was not as built as mine and the Cherokar is pretty close to mine so I figured if they could make it so could I.

We headed straight for the Quarry section which if you hadn't guessed is filled with rocks, boulders, ledges and stress.

Right off the bat I realize that this place is plumb full of stuff that's a lot more difficult than what I am used to playing on. Good thing I brought the trailer. And spare parts, And the GoPro. Bwaaahhhhaaahhhhaaaa, these guys are my kind of stupid.......

Lucian, in his wife's Purple Tj turned out to be a great coach and spotter and Marc in the XJ was a pretty good crash test dummy. If he could make it up or over something I stood a pretty good chance of making it. There were a couple spots he made that I didn't and couple I made that he didn't.

So here we go,

Was hoping to catch Marc being a super hero gettin up that ledge but he pussed out, so I figured that smaller climb looked like fun. The hooping and hollering you here was Lucian trying to break his rig on a smaller climb.

After clearing that section we headed down and around into a boulder garden. Lucian took the easy road and of course, I had to hit the hard part. Took the hardest hit of the day 5 minutes after we got started. That section was a lot of fun!

Just so you know, every time that hood shakes, its from something other that suspension bottoming out HARD. Lots of grinding and such throughout the day.

Next up was another small climb and that purple thing doesn't have lockers so if/when it gets flexed out it will just spin one front and one rear wheel. I got a giggle or 2 out watching it.

Next up we played in a notch, Marc got a bit hung up going out and ended up stacking rocks to get clear. Made me look like I knew what I was doing since it got easier after he finished.

Then came what I thought was going to be a scary climb but it turned out that once you got the front tires over the top, it was filled with superglue and velcro. Well maybe not but there was a lot of traction on top and it climbed right up it without spinning.  6' straight up was awesome.

Up the hill over the ledge and down the trail to another climb. Lucian and his short wheelbase made it right over that hump, Marc and I with the long wheelbases ended up high centered. Luckily I still had 1 front tire still touching and it was enough to pull me clear. Everything under the Jeep was grinding as I made it off.

Just past that was the one climb I was sure I was going to break something on. Goose it and go drag everything at least twice on the way over. 

Marc got a pic of me here so you can see what it looks like from the outside.

I caught the last part of Marc heaving his rig over,

Another climb, Marc knocked the dust off for me so I made it looks easy(ish).

Marc making it over a decent climb, me failing/pussing out. I could feel broken parts coming if I kept at it.

Good pic from on top,

Marc climbing the steps, me following.

All three of us heading back down that boulder garden on our way out to get some chow.

Another still from the middle of the day, I couldn't resist crawling up on the TJ's tire.

All in all a great day, met some great guys and didn't break anything in spite of my best efforts. I found a new place to play too. I will be going back for sure and will be going wheeling with these folks again. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday's Child

She's got eyes!

She flipped me off when I was burping her but I didn't get a pic.

Probably wont be the last time she does that haha.